Load And Road Assist


Welcome to Load & Road Assist

Gauteng / North-West / Mpumalanga / Limpopo Provinces
Roadside & Breakdown Assistance
Light Industrial Motor Vehicles / Accident Damaged Cars / Trade Towing & 4x4’s.
Heavy Loads
Carrying Loads from 500kg (1/2-Ton) up-to 10000kg (10-Ton)
Crane Hire
Lifting of Up-to 7meters on Loads from 500kg (1/2-Ton) up-to 4500kg (4.5-Ton).
Transport Areas of Operation
Distances up-to 250km From Gauteng Province

About Us

At Load-and-Road-Assist we are Proud to offer the following Services at THE BEST POSSIBLE RATES!

• General Transport of Building Materials - Bricks / Paving Bricks / Sand / Stone / Cement.
• Loading and Tansportation of Steel by Hydraulic Crane from 1000kg (1-Ton) up-to 10000kg (10-Ton).
• Load and Transport of 20” / 30” Feet & 40” Ft Containers by Crane from 500kg (1/2-Ton) up-to 10000kg (10-Ton).
• Loading by Crane and Transport by Road in Case of a Breakdown for Light Industrial Motor Vehicles / Accident Camaged Cars & 4x4’s.
• Transport by Road of Trucks / TLB’s / Compactors / Tractors / Bobcat / Graders / Loaders & Earthmoving Equipment.
• Transporting and Lifting by Crane of Industrial and Heavy Machinery up-to a lifting height of 7meters.